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entering Excel anymore. Because now there is a program or stock management systems Stock Management to help online stores The product stock system has been put in place for use! is another product inventory management system that comes with a complete online store management system. Manage orders Stock products with complete functions There is an inventory .

Stock will be cut immediately when the product is ordered in stock with online billing. Supports products with multiple SKUs and realtime nearout stock notifications. It also connects to the stock systems of Shopee and Lazada for merchants online sellers who sell on , , LINE OA and on Marketplace to manage product stock in One system without having to switch platforms. Not yet! If that’s not enough, stores can also get stock information. You can download it as an Excel file to use that information and improve your sales plan in the future as well. It’s also free to use. If you use it badly, you don’t have to save money!Packing things or packing products An important matter that online sellers must special attention to. Because Belgium Phone Number when customers order things online from our store They expect that the products

will reach their hands safely and undamaged. Many online merchants still have some concerns about packing things. The more it is a high value product. The more you have to find the safest way to pack things. This time, Pimploen has ways to pack things safely. Let it reach the customer’s hand intact. Guaranteed to be usable! Equipment for preparing and packing products Products that