Marketing as an ally: 4 steps to follow

Marketing is an important tool for achieving change , and there is no point in denying it. In fact, it was capable of creating lifestyles and habits, it made it possible to market products that changed the world and still plays an important role in our society. On the issue of food waste , there are years and years of culture based on wild consumption that need to be demolished, and there is a long way to go in this regard,

especially in marketing. In this regard, I propose four ideal steps to follow to create a campaign that can raise people’s awareness of certain issues, but also produce effective results . In fact, if we say things to each other, we solve nothing: it is important to produce a change in people’s lifestyles. Furthermore, these approaches are particularly economical from an implementation point of view, because practically half of the work is focused on focusing on people , not issuing sentences from the top down. Here we talk about food waste , but you can adapt these 4 points to your liking. Let’s start! Inform Informing is the first step for change! It is not possible to change people’s habits for the better if they are not first informed about the consequences of their actions. Before doing anything, therefore, it is important to ask ourselves the question of dedicating an Chinese UK Phone Number List entire phase of our campaign to information and raising awareness regarding

certain issues. To do this we must: Identify the target we want to address; Thinking and producing quality information content that can be distinguished , adapting the Tone of Voice to the target; Monitor the results of our content, understanding that at the beginning you can only work on a niche of people . Expecting huge numbers is wrong, because changing habits that are deeply rooted in the population is not something that can be done overnight. Regarding food waste , in particular, what and how we eat is part of a broader culture, which concerns our lifestyle in its entirety. I’ll give you some ideas about it. Avoid playing on people’s guilt . Nobody likes to be told what to do and that everything they did in the past was wrong; Provide data (measured and verifiable) and adapt it to the Tone of Voice of your content; Focus on the younger ones . Young people are early adopters , they are dynamic, they love new things and are better willing than adults to change their habits. Besides this, they love to share their choices on social media ;