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For example, you stay in a 4-star hotel but receive service at a 5-star level. This is a service that is more impressive than you think. Therefore creating something beyond expectations. If speaking in terms of advertising writing, it is something like You use automation to send special emails to customers you already know. He has a desire to get some of your products.

Along with attaching an unusual Whatsapp Number List discount with writing techniques that may be told in a friendly language. And it’s what customers want to hear. Strategies and techniques for writing advertisements that you should know The next topic will be about strategies and techniques for writing advertisements that you should know. Which is like a tip for people who make ads. Or create content that can be used in writing product advertisements.

There will be interesting techniques as follows. Planning advertising using SEO SEO is a form of marketing technique. We will focus on doing Keyword Research to find keywords that the target audience uses on Search Engine and then see what search intent people in the target group have in order to do SEO that matches what the target audience is looking for on your website.