Corporate objectives. Corporative strategy

objectives and goals of marketing on social networks … Objectives … Goals . Planning of social media channels and content … Determination of social media channels by objective … Creation of guidelines for writing content on social networks … Website … Blog … LinkedIn … … . Creation of the conversational plan … Generalities of the conversational plan … Definition of periodicity of publications …

Definition of the content to publish . Design of metrics in marketing on social networks … Metrics on the website associated with Social Networks … Company reputation metrics … Metrics on … Metrics on … Metrics in other social networks . Activation and management of social networks . Active listening . Evaluation and improvement plans . Evaluation of the situation in marketing on social networks … Identification of the corporate and marketing strategy As Europe Cell Phone Number List mentioned before, the social media marketing strategy must be aligned with the marketing strategy and the

corporate strategy. In this first stage, the following must be recorded: Corporate mission and vision. Marketing objectives. Marketing strategy. Marketing mission and vision. . Diagnosis of social networks … Internal diagnosis and social media competition This diagnosis will identify the degree of maturity that exists in a company regarding the use of social networks as a marketing channel.