The Growth Of Mobile Sites To Cater For Smart Phone Users

**wellcontextualized marketing campaigns. Save time and customersWomen20: digital is the key to enhancing female entrepreneurship The G20 group is working on a plan of proposals focused on gender equality. Digital could be an opportunity to eliminate the gender gap. Here are the details Published on October 22, 2020 Alt text Women20 or W20 is the G20 group currently involved in creating a plan of proposals focused on gender equality to be applied in the business fabric of the EU Member States and, in general, in the world of work. The goal is to encourage leaders around the world to

adopt policies that bridge the socalled " gender gap ". In this discussion, digital has a fundamental role because it could support a more equitable and inclusive world. The proposal was presented by the group to Majid Alqassabi , a leading representative of the G20 . These recommendations should therefore be part of the UN Agenda linked to the sustainable and balanced development of the Old Continent, " made possible by the social and economic emancipation of women ", as the text states. Women 20 then underlined that the health and economic emergency caused by 19 has had a particularly negative impact on women, but at the same time this moment of crisis can be transformed into an opportunity to plan a “new Canada Phone Number Data normality” based on gender equality

. Stimulate female entrepreneurship Female and digital employment Stimulate female entrepreneurship Among the various key measures proposed by Women 20 , many concern female entrepreneurship : after the emergency, it is necessary to support the startup and development of companies managed by women, in particular in ecommerce and digital, to increase access to technology, especially in isolated areas far from the city, where the gender gap is deeper. This type of activity is**