Signs of Gaslighting in the Workplace and How to Deal With Them

Gaslighting is typically discussed in terms of close friendships or partnerships. But many people experience gaslighting at work, too. Gaslighting is when a co-worker or superior manipulates you into questioning your sanity, memory, or beliefs. A person who has been gaslighted may deny, minimize the victim’s feelings, or retell previous events in an attempt to make the victim take responsibility for the incident.

Gaslighters have personality traits that transcend boundaries and fit a variety of social contexts. Gaslighting in the workplace Phone Number List is just as harmful as it is in friendships and partnerships.

So how do you know if a coworker is gaslighting? What should I do in this case? Let us help you take back control of your career from a gaslighter by finding solutions on Twitter.

What is gaslighting?
What is gaslighting?( source )

Gaslighting is when someone makes you doubt your own memory by insisting on something you already know to be wrong. This strategy is intentionally used over time to reduce the likelihood that the victim will realize that he or she is being tricked.

Gaslighting can make you feel helpless and invalidate what you already know to be true, and is a form of emotional manipulation and bullying. Gaslighters are skilled at manipulating the truth and using accurate information against their victims.

Because gaslighting is often perpetrated by powerful or well-liked people in the workplace, victims are less likely to report these toxic coworkers. Additionally, the longer you allow gaslighting to happen, the more likely you are to start questioning yourself about what is genuine and what is false.